We know what payment systems are "made of"!
Our development work is based on state-of-the-art technology and is built on experience gained over many years.

Regardless whether you wish to operate your own card management system or provide your customers with a special service - every change and adaption in your system environment will generally require the application of software.

We support a technical infrastructure with all required resources.

For hardware as well as for software we meet all requirements in order to work on platforms from IBM Mainframe to Linux/Unix to MS Windows Clients.

Starting with screen design based on a 3270 technology practical use is made of all means up to Web browser technology.

We cover all areas of development in-house - from maintenance to client/server technologies using network systems.

Our experts deliver high quality work based on the latest knowledge and practical experience in all fields of software development and the command of a wide range of program languages such as HLASM, COBOL, C/C++ and JAVA.

Systems for data storage and management are covered by relational database systems as DB2.