We support our clients on the road to the industrialisation of electronic payment transactions. Our products start where the processing of card based payment transactions can supplement existing infrastructures. A quality feature of our products is their "grid-structure" that enables an independent use of our products.

For us at PAYWORLD-IT quality means to know and to realise our clients requirements.  Our products and software applications are certified based on the "generally accepted accounting principles" according to the German commercial code. The certification is being executed by an independent and well reputed auditing company on behalf of PAYWORLD-IT that ascertains the compliance of our 

software with the generally accepted accounting principles. The certification process is providing our clients with a transparent and reproducible audit trail of all software development and maintenace procedures.

Our product developments are based on years of experience in the field of issuing-processing. Complete solutions for card management systems are of only limited value where tailor-made products have to be designed quickly and efficiently. With the increasing importance of core banking systems it is essential that additional card product strategies can be added and adapted quickly.

Certified Software

Our products and software developments are certified and quality assured in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) under German code.